Safe Landscapes for the Griffons


Griffon Vulture faces a high risk of extinction in Cyprus due to poison baits. The project has two objectives (I) establish dialogue on wildlife poisoning and (ii) increase the capacity of CWRI to meet the needs. Actions of the project are (a) interviews with key stakeholders will be conducted, (b) legislative background will be analyzed, and (c) a dialogue workshop will be conducted. (d) construction of two vulture transportation cages, one transportable vulture rehabilitation cage and one transportable vulture soft release cage, (e) training of staff of CWRI’s Wildlife Hospital and Rescue and Wildlife Rehabilitation Center by the Vulture Conservation Foundation team on treatment and rehabilitation of poisoned vultures and other raptors, necropsy, investigation of poisoning incidents and toxicological protocols.

Project training workshop held on June 2022 with attendance of experts from the VCF and Junta of Andalucia along with BirdLife Cyprus