Volunteering at the CWRI

VolunteersWe need volunteers to carry out our rehabilitation, research, and conservation work! If you are interested in volunteering at our institute, you can help us with feeding of our animals, spot cleaning, water check/change and also participating in animal daily rounds and monitoring. You can work closely with our veterinarians and rehabilitators to expand your knowledge of the many species we are working on from both native fauna and some exotic species as well. If you are interested in research and conservation, then you can join our research projects to work on the endemic and endangered species of the island. Our video about how you can help at CWRI can also give you an idea. Help is always welcome with uploading data to our databases, report writing, and general upkeep of the institute. The volunteer program is quite flexible and can be customized according to your previous experience, how many hours you would like to work per day and how long you would like to stay. You can find more information about our volunteering application process here. Please contact us via our email (info@cwri.net) or facebook pages and we will provide more information about our volunteering program.